Friday, June 11, 2010

The Real Question for guys.

Oh so sweet and innocent! If only I could have those cheeks and wrinkless eyes back!
This photo in a frame sat on his work desk for years, now on bedside table.

So when The Mr asked the fresh faced 19 year old me  "will you marry me?"

I might have answered with "I think I'm going to be sick" (in the nervous way, not repulsed!)

"Oh!.....YES.. Yes, I meant yes!"

So to follow on from yesterdays - the truth behind those 4 little words -

What did it mean for the MR when I said  "Yes I will marry you"

what it really  meant was he would have to:

Listen to me talk and talk and talk some more. Bare the brunt of being the sole provider for our family for the last 8 years. Put up with me poking him in the back if he is snoring. Watch romantic comedy's (The Mr is awesome like that). Fix all the things I refuse to fix. Make all  telephone calls because I am a scaredy cat (like for bills, centrelink, insurance, bookings etc etc). Have an endless supply of women on his back. Be my constant IT guy. Hold the fort when I have girls night, book club etc. Look after the garden. Car maintenance. Eat and love my creative cooking. Be a mind reader to know what's going on in his wife's head. Put up with all the gross girl things and whatever upper or downer I might be on (hormones you know). Go through 4 pregnancies giving in to my every desire. Give in to all my crazy ideas and schemes. Come home each night to be my saviour from crazy kids. And look good while doing it!

What a man what a man, what a mighty good man!!

Is he glad he did it? Sure I'm perfect :)

Yes we had to think really hard for the things he has to put up with from me.. ha hahaha

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Our little family said...

Both posts are beautiful. I love your definition of what the "real" question was. You did a great job of portraying what marriage is. It's lots of monotonous, repetitive tasks, but it's worth it. Motherhood is the same way. Would I choose to do all the things I do for my kids? Maybe not. But would I choose them? YES.

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