Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Real Question - Post Edit

Yar, he's a keeper

The other day when the Mr came home I apologised for the messy house.

I didn't get to clean today because *insert reason here*

"Oh so I go to work all day and you get to do nothing" (He was TOTALLY joking by the way)

 "Yep" I said.

"It's ok though, you owe me overtime. I think I have a big store of money owing to me from all the times in the night I get up. Nine years worth. Double time and a half.

And then we laughed.

He said 'men really are simple. The major question they have to ask in life is short and sweet.'

Will you marry me?

But what they really mean is:

Will you love me, still love me even though sometimes I am wrong, have a warm dinner waiting each night when I come home from work, wash and fold my clothes and that of 4 other people, do my grocery shopping, wake up each night to the needs or one or more of our children, clean up vomit, poo, and the endless list of whatever gross things our children leave around, listen to me snore, bathe and dress 5 people each day without my help, taxi us around, do things for me when I ask from work, greet me with a smile and kiss at the end of the day, wash the dishes, oh and look beautiful while doing it all?

The Mr said  "Would you have said yes?"

hmm *still thinking*

mabye it is best to stick with short and sweet.

Cause I totally would marry HIM.

the rest? not so much :)

Post Edit**** I've realised this post might make my husband look bad. He doesn't make me or insist I do the above mentioned things. I do them at my own free will and choice:) Just over time thats what our busy life has morphed into :) and he does plenty of things for me. I might write a sister article from the opposing point of view. What he got himself into by asking me to marry him ;)


Unknown said...

This post seems a bit stereotypical of the 1950's. Any man in the modern world who expects to have a wife cook, clean, have meals ready when they get home, not share midnight parenting responsibilities etc is just selfish and a little out of touch. I have seen a few articles on different blogs and online news sources in the past couple of weeks talking about this idea and I am afraid it is appalling. Come on ladies, stand up for yourselves. You are not slaves, dont let your men treat you as such. In our house I do all the cooking, clean the kitchen every morning and night, the weekly grocery shop and sweep the floors and I still find time to work a 60 hour week running my own business. I would expect any real man to help out around the home at least as much, perhaps more if they only work a 40 hour week.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

lol luke! my husband does lots around the house. We would be in an even bigger mess if he didnt. When you have kids you'll find out that kids need to be fed by 5pm ish and just cant wait for daddy to come home and cook them dinner. My husband is out most nights, so alas home duties fall to me.

And yes.. I am a sterotypical 50's housewife!!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

I didnt realise my post could be seen as offensive to the male population. I'll have to rectify that :)

This Girl loves to Talk said...

oh and your wife is a lucky woman. She better watch out for all the women that will chase you over the years if they know this information!

Cindy said...

Everyone is different in how they run a home. I had to do almost everything (including mowing the lawn while pregnant) for many years because my husband had really bad health. Now that he is healthier, he helps out frequently, although I still mow the lawn :). Not because he makes or expects me to, but because I enjoy it. I don't think it matters how you delegate the work, or who does more (everyone has different capacities) as long as you are both contributing and happy. Some people get a kick out of being domestic and really enjoy being the 'ultra' stay at home wife. I'm reaching a stage where I must confess that nothing pleases me more then 'playing house'. I've had a career, I recently went back to school to study again, but nothing compares to being where you feel you are meant to be and fulfulling a role (whatever it is) to the best of your capacity. To me the thought of being a stay at home mum and domesticated in the traditional sense isn't offessive to me but delicious. Besides, I know that this season of motherhood and craziness is but for such a small season.

Sarah said...

who's Luke? bring back Polygamy - I'll marry him!! baa haaaaa!!!!

The Swann Family said...

Luke, I find it offensive that a complete stranger would believe that I didn't have the self-worth to "stand up for [myself]" because I made the decision to be a stay at home mother taking on the majority of the household duties. My decision to live such a lifestyle was a very calculated one. I wouldn't go on a second date with a man who didn't pay, I considered a man's earning potential and likelyhood of granting me that lifestyle when making decisions on who I would date and never wasted my time dating a man who wasn't prepared to get married and have children.
I, like Cindy, find the traditional role of stay at home wife and mother to be incredibly fulfilling. I have a husband who dotes on me and works very hard outside of the home to ensure that I can live the lifestyle I want. Because of my lifestyle I spend my days fulfilling an inate need in me to be with my childeren and to create daily by contributing to a household. I feel that I have made a brave decision by going against the grain of our society and doing something that these days is stereotyped incorrectly by people like yourself.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

In fairness to poor luke (I didnt even know any guys read my blog!!)

we emailed back to eachother (I cleared up that my husband is helpful) he sent this sweet message back :)

Yeah it was me. I am really glad to hear that your husband is a good guy. I am however regularly amazed at how many guys out there expect someone to look after them like their mum did however and that kind of selfish behavior gives us all a bad name.

He doesnt want lazy guys who expect their women to do all the work to give lovely guys like him a bad name! lol

The Swann Family said...

In fairness to my husband, he mentioned that my comment made it sound like I do the majority of the housework. I may or may not have done the minority of the housework recently... but I'm still a stay at home mum by choice (not as a result of lack of self-worth or intelligence or work ethic) and I totally LOVE it.
Luke, I'm sure the world would be better off with more men like you. I can see where you're coming from. x

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