Monday, July 26, 2010

Another one? I'm spoilt!

Guess where we are?

I got to do another one of those things.

Those things I don't get to do often

You know...

go on a date!

Our new plan of a date once a month and temple once a month hasn't been going too well.
I didn't get to do either last month. (not from lack of trying)

Oh but my lovely visiting teacher said to us on Saturday night (after she worked all day)

I'm coming over to babysit. (hosts of voices singing "Hallelujah")

Isnt she nice?!

No You can't have her. She's all mine!!!

So what to do on a Saturday Night in Winter.

Go on the ferris wheel of course!

We hadn't been yet.

Shhhhhh don't tell the girls.

They are going to be VERY jealous

I told The Mr that I forsee another 3 dates here. (I'm a mind reader ya know)

He'll have to take each of the girls separately for Daddy Daughter dates.


Well atleast I got to go first!

After walking around looking for dessert which was out of our price range
(hey that wheel is EXPENSIVE)

I said lets have thickshakes and fries at Mcdonalds

The Mr finally agreed.

And I said

You're one lucky man.

I am truly a cheap date.

considering I offered just take some blankets up to the Cliffs along with Hot chocolate...
He could have even got away with an even cheaper date. oh well. next time.


Montserrat said...

Blankets and a hot chocolate sound good too!

Delightful Domestic Science said...

Not spoilt Bobbie, deserving!

Just ME said...

Bobbie you need to check hot dockets - they have previously had a 2-4-1 on there. I also recieved avoucher for it in the mail in that little orange card folder they drop off periodically. Keep an eye out!

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