Friday, July 23, 2010

Mother = Soft Toy Seamstress

Pretty proud of the platypus, the rest are a turtle, dinosaur and ostrich if you can't tell ;)

I didn't know when I signed on for this parenting caper that it would include being able to design and sew soft toys. You know like I'm a factory or something.

Miss K thinks I am a sewing genius. Which sadly I am not.

She will come to me and say

K: Can we sew an echidna today?

Me: Ummm... No....

K: *pouts and puts on  a fuss*

Me: I'm not a TOY MAKER!!  It's very hard to make these things that your mind comes up with!

(insert much more frustration and me saying no for varying reasons)

K: You can do it! Come on...... *more pouting, and reaches into fabric stash and makes a mess*


And then once again I am coerced into making something from her drawings.

She starts with:  It'll be easy. See just copy this drawing I made

*Le Sigh*

So now we have a box filled with the most hideous creatures you have ever seen. The only one I have made that I love is the Taggie Giraffe we made for Miss N.  The platypus comes a close second. I made the platypus after talking her out of making an echidna. How do you make a toy echidna?? I googled it and it seems no one knows either!

So we have a house full of deranged home made animals. Adds to the ambience I think.

Yep I know. I'm Going into the parent of the year draw.

But all the yelling and hairpulling (my own) that happen during this process will not allow me to accept it.

I'll be happy when she can sew these things 100% by  herself.  (she does about 30%)

Hopefully she'll be good enough to do her own Formal dress. HA.

Otherwise it might look like the poor souls above


Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie, I love the soft toys. I had an idea for the echidna (she says not intending to do it herself) What about making a pin cushion with legs and head and little tail. Then adding the pins for the spikey bits. Or the same sort of thing but with dirt inside the belly and grow grass shoots out of it for the spickey bits? Once again, I won't be attempting this either. But you're the expert craftmum, perhaps it will allay naggy naggisson. Karyn

Anonymous said...

I just love these and most of all the kids do too. You are a star. I am packing up all my gear but when I get it out in a couple of months then maybe I can add to your pile of marvellous, madcap, menagerie.xx

Delightful Domestic Science said...

You're awesome. Full stop!

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