Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's not like I need any more animals.

I feel like a crazy farm house lady

*broom in hand* shoo shoo

We must be the only people who live in the inner city who have chickens that just waltz on through their house. (well maybe not - cause these chickens run amok between three houses)

The neighbours chickens usually pop their heads in have a little walk around and nibble on the crumbs on the floor - plenty of those here - and then they leave again. It must be crumbs that keeps them coming back, cause I'd say the chickens could live a year on the stuff on my floors. Smart Chickens they are.

However last week one gave me a heart attack in the girls bedroom. It wasn't making a sound - I thought it had left like an hour earlier (I had seen it come in) but no it was just browsing the rooms.

The other day one somehow pearched itself on the kitchen bench.

I scared it taking a photo of it, and it ran along the kitchen

Crazy farm lady me *broom in hand* shoo shoo

Lucky I'm not afraid of feathered friends fiends.

Plus I always have Miss K who can catch and hog tie a chicken down in seconds.


The ComberNation said...

Oh Yuk. No No No. Chickens belong outside, but not inside, maybe verandah - but definitely not on kitchen benches. Did you wash their feet and put a disposable on her too??
Sorry, but this grandma is not in favor of chickens inside. Hope you had your disinfectant at the ready. xx

SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

Yay Crazy farm lady - such a cool pic...I would love to have chickens randomly running through my house...lol

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