Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Mr and I

Totally us.! I lurve being silly with the Mr. Makes me giddy.

I feel like I never have enough photos of the MR and I .

I only have a few.

It's not enough.

He's not home often when the camera is out so he often gets -  left out.

So admidst all my self portraits, I try to capture self portraits with him in them.

Most times they fail miserably.

I try to capture non posed, candid moments.

I'll suddenly jump on him and click away.

The Mr likes to wreck them.

I swear he does it on purpose

the what are you doing to me woman? face

the extra cheesy face. I've got a lot of these ones

Alright, Alright I'll put up with it face.

The doing something cheeky one - I have plenty of these too.

But atleast you can see how great my new flower headband looks! I lurve it. I made this one out of one of the kids dress ups! We had a nice shimmery scarf/shoulder throw that had seen better days!

It's Ok Mr. We've got plenty more years for me to snap annoying pictures of you!
Practice your lovely smile.

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