Monday, July 19, 2010


The lovely Fiona (what do you call your husbands cousins' wife?? cousin in law?????) came to my house to teach us how to make Kaleidescopes after I mentioned I wanted to know how after she told us that she made some.

So using these things here

We are able to make lovely patterns like this (this one is random scraps of tissue paper, yet it made such lovely shapes!

 this one is random scraps of tissue paper, yet it made such lovely shapes!

So you get some foil cardboard. Silver works best. Cut three rectangles around 10cm x 3.5 cms.

Sticky tape them together on the long edges on the white (back) side of the card.

Then fold together to make a triangle. Sticky tape toghether to hold triangle shape. Like so.

This triangle will go inside of a carboard tube (toilet paper roll or cling wrap roll etc)
If the triangle does not fit snuggly. Cut  a slit down the toilet roll  and use a rubber band or stickty tape to keep the roll thinner. This is now the main body of the kaleidescope.

To make the 'turning end' of the kaleidescope you cut carboard tubes into 10 cms lengths. Place sticky tape over one end covering it completely. Like this - sticky side facing inwards.

Turn over and place all sorts of crafty things in. Little things that will 'stick' to the tape work best.
Tissue paper, vellum offcuts, little beads, paper cutouts, strings etc.

Here we used seed beads, our coloured rice and some bigger beads.

Add these ends on to the end of your kaleidescope and voila you have a kaleidescope. You can twist the end around.

Now if I was a good scrapbooking mumma, the main tube would have been covered with some pretty paper or something. But alas most of our play things are made of rubbish, and I don't scrap!! or making anything cute!

Enjoy changing the ends and looking at pretty colours and shapes!

pom poms

coloured rice

Hope that all made sense. Ask a question if you have one!!


INVITEDbyRUKxo said...

i am in love with these!! We are definitely going to try making these as my kids love kaleidescopes and always want to know how they work. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity.

Felicity said...

I am in LOVE with these too!! they look so professional :) I showed my kids and they can't wait to make them (not sure when that will be though ;)

Christie said...

Where did you find foil cardboard?

This Girl loves to Talk said...


Its just silver card. Gold and silver and readily available at most newsagents or scrapbooking stores

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