Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I will do nothing

Lay on the grass and do nothing - your kids will be better behaved.

When am I going to learn?

I have had this thought several times, yet I refuse to learn.

I find that if I (or The Mr and I) do nothing but sit and watch with the kids, they are better behaved.

When I am trying to:
clean something/write something/spend time on the computer/make something/add action here

the kids are either in my face, annoying me, making a mess, fighting etc.

However if we decide to SIT AND DO NOTHING

miraculously they are happy to play for hours.

We sit on the varandah and watch - they play

We go to the park and lay on the grass - they play

We lay in the sun on the front varandah - they play around us.

I need to remember to take time to sit and do nothing when the kids can see me because

I can't do nothing:
and lay on my bed, or do nothing sitting on a chair reading, or have a shower -
that constitutes doing SOMETHING to kids.
and they start those above annoying behaviours again

I must sit and do nothing but watch them.

And if I do all is at peace in the world 

Repeat this mantra

I will do nothing.
I will do nothing.

(and then cry because I have accomplished nothing. Except for having a bomb of a house - it doesnt clean itself)


Montserrat said...

So true!! They just need to know you are giving them undivided attention. :D

Could you e-mail me? I need to ask you about doing a guest post on my blog for a project I've got going for September. ☺

chocolateonmycranium [at] live [dot] com

Felicity said...

I think I will borrow your mantra for a while :)

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