Friday, July 9, 2010

Seeing Spots

I love a bit of a party theme. Kinda gives me a direction to head.

Ever since I saw a 'spotty' themed party idea over at Crafty Crow I've wanted to do one.

Check out these two for some other spot/dot party ideas.

Greeting Arts

Design Mom

However I couldn't convince the older girls.

Miss G is Easy though.

As long as her cousins came she was cool with whatever.

Spotty Themed Birthday Invite

Spotty Number 4 Shirt

Mum in law's spotty fabric is what started it all!

Tissue Paper Ball Decorations

I made 5. Love these.

Spotty Wall Decorations

Spotty Rainbow Cake

Idea courtesy of Lucky Holly

Spotty Round Fairy Bread

I used a round cookie cutter to cut bread. Displayed in cupcake tower.

Fruit Loop Bracelets

The only activity we did - thread frootloops on a pipecleaner

Awesome Round Pinata

My first time doing the crepe paper ruffly look.

The day itself was a relaxed gathering with some cousins.
 It was a pretty free range entertain yourself type day.
In other words organised unorganised Kaos

Now I can collapse in a heap and repeat next month for Miss N's First Birthday.

Never Ends does it? This parenting caper?


Montserrat said...

Spots! Dots! Circles! Polkas! Whatever you call them I think it is a terrific idea. LOVE the tissue flowers you created.

Felicity said...

The decorations look great! and I LOVE the T-shirt and the cake!

Janae Moss said...

such a darling idea! I have a bunch of daughters and this looks like an easy fun thing to do.

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