Monday, July 12, 2010

Roller Skating

I went rollerskating again.

This time I was smart enough NOT to take four children (two of whom can't skate) on my own.

This time just the older two.

I had so much fun.

I was sad when an hour in they wanted to go home.


Here I am skating my groove thing and you wanna go home?

We've got blisters they say, sore feet, are tired.


Party Poopers.

I remember how much I enjoyed skating as a kid. Each time I go now, I think I should take up Roller Derby. But I'm too scared of getting hurt. I don't do contact sports.

I almost taught miss A how to skate backwards.

A success of the day.

Keeping Miss K upright was my other success of the day!

Since we got sick on the holidays - this is the only outside of the house activity we ended up doing :(

1 comment:

SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

I say "go the Roller Derby" Bobbie - do something crazy! :)

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