Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Every Day I find random photos on my camera.

Mostly indestinguishable.

Sometimes funny.

Sometimes heartwarming.

Last week Miss K had a friend sleep over. They made a cubby out of sheets and the bunks. They all slept under there. I found a series of  photos days later.

My two eldest girls might fight like cats and dogs. But they love eachother.

Their personalities are vastly different. I have only noticed this lately.

When they were little they liked the same things. They got the same things for christmas presents. They were treated with the same brush. They were almost, in my mind, like twins.

Slowly their personalities are moving apart. I some ways it saddens me, in other ways I'm glad.

One likes outdoors and dangerous activities. One likes indoors,  reading and the computer.

One likes to be left alone and the other craves touch and attention.

However they both like to drive me crazy

Crazy in love with them.


Felicity said...

LOVE this pic!! You are SO lucky to have 4 girls and they are SO lucky to have each other (even if they don't know it yet :)

Jalula said...

I can't believe how big they are!!

Christie said...

I have 3, all girls and I find they are very different but then I blink and they are so very much the same. :) Great picture by the way!

Peta said...

LOVE this post (and pic too :) I smiled as I read this.

It flashed memories to my mind.

They are lucky to have each other.

Sisters are special.

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