Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Axe it, Saw it, Destroy it

I've always wanted to be one of those parents who let their kids do anything they want.

Well.....Anything as in:

Using a screw driver to open up appliances to see how they work
Building their own toys, play things
Creating and designing things
Regular destroying of items for a purpose

Usually I am pretty fail at this.
Don't touch our stuff, treat your things better, clean up, don't make mess etc.

Lately I have been thinking more about it after reading through Teacher Tom's Blog 

Talk about the most awesome preschool I have EVER seen. These kids build their own EVERYTHING. They use saws, sanders, hammers. They have zip lines, pulley systems for water and dirt and almost ANY type of MESS is OK. This school is like every kids (and parents) dream!! And did I mention the kids are 2-5 years old!

So often I remember I am not living my own parenting ideals. Occassionally we do.

There was this post a year ago letting the kids go with a saw. When our microwave broke we let the kids take the entire thing apart (I thought I had blogged this but can't find it)

This week it has been going at it with an axe. The Mr bought a axe grinding stone to sharpen our axe which was very blunt. The girls had a go at sharpening (and gave up because it was hard work) and Miss A had a go at chopping wood (fairly unsuccessful.)

So what other types of 'building / exploring work' can I get my children to do?

It always hits home to me when I think - oh my kids could do that, then I find that they actually can't and are really pretty unco. Life and society (and I!) is babying them, and I need to do my best to ensure they have as many 'skills' as possible.


SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

I checked out "Teacher Tom's" Blog - he is awesome!!

The ComberNation said...

This is good stuff. When I was little I learnt to chop wood by first cutting kindling with a tomahawk and as I got bigger then employed the axe as I could pick the thing up. My brothers and I enjoyed it but as teenagers it became one of our chores so wasn't as much fun. There is an art in using a axe and chopping wood successfully. Thank God for grandpas and grandmas who taught us how to make a good fire.xx

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