Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Testimony of facebook = Fractured Arm

I now have a testimony of facebook.

(like I needed a reason :)

I was at a friends for mothers group.

The phone rings.

Her husband asks to speak to me.


He says

Your husband hacked your facebook account (he doesn't have his own!)  and put up a status that said
"Does anyone know where This Girl loves to Talk is?? Miss A has fallen at school."

Friends husband happened to be on facebook and knew that I was at his house

within a few mins I was located

(I don't even have a mobile phone yet ya'll can track me down!!)

So off to school to  pick up a white faced girl who won't move her arm.

Yet she ran down the path and jumped in the car with vigor.

I was doubtful. But the school said I had to go to emergency.

Emergency with 4 kids.

2 with no shoes. 2 extremely dirty from mothers group. No money. No food.


4 hours later

A buckle fracture with cast for 2-3 weeks.

These fractures heal themselves, the cast is just to prevent from banging it and making it worse.

The nurse at first didnt think it was anything bad as Miss A hadn't cried or had any pain medication. She could move and twist her arm. Second opinion of the xray was needed.

At the end of this I was tired, sore, achey and hungry. Irritable kids around me. I was thinking of asking:

Could you admit ME into the hospital?? I could sure use some rest and medication.

The first person in the family (including The Mr and I)  to have a cast. She's pretty proud.

They're eating Mcdonald's (rare) and are watching tv (no tv school term here) so they are happy.
Drowning their non existant sorrows.

This made me almost think I need a mobile phone.... but this is first time in 9 years, so the odds are in my favour... I'm usually at home. I mean growing up we never had phones. We are all alive.

Maybe The Mr will get me a phone ....

instead of having to resort to hacking my facebook to find me!!


Anonymous said...

Ah! the guilt of motherhood. At least she did not break it right in front of you

INVITEDbyRUKxo said...

FB is so useful ;)

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