Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mermaid Syndrome

Have I told you I'm trying to grow my hair out?

It's a rather tedious thing.

Cause you see, normally I grow my hair for two years then I get sick of it and cut it.

I'm trying to buck the trend and have been growing it for 3 years now.

Oh but I am often tempted to slice it off.

It's not unusual for me to finally have enough and cut my own hair!  off as seen in previous post.

So that means that I have spent too much of my life with hair in that gah! inbetween stage.

I'm having mermaid syndrome.

Yes it is such a thing.

It is something my mother told me years ago.

You see most men suffer from this syndrome.

When asked with any bunch of friends if their husband likes their hair long nearly all say yes. In one case only one in the group said her husband likes her hair short. I've talked with many friends about this (usually after a hot new short do they say their husbands don't like it)

And I say.. Oh you know most men have mermaid syndrome don't you?..

What???? they say

You know beautiful naked lady/mermaid with long hair to cover her body?

Mermaid syndrome.

Anyway I am currently having this.

I tell my friends I'm trying to grow my hair to cover my boobs.
OR the clean version - atleast halfway down my back.

Then I say I think it would be MUCH QUICKER TO GET A BOOB JOB
(ie to lift my boobs to wear my hair is ;)

*twists hair contemplating*

Just joking. I'll got it the old fashioned way.

I wonder how long it will be before I cut it?

I'm thinking when I do  I want to do a series of cuts, styles, slowing getting shorter and shorter.

Or I could turn into a mermaid and use my hair as a blanket to keep me warm :)

1 comment:

Karyn said...

You can't have long hair after a "certain age". I'm not sure what that age is, so I say, keep it long because you won't be able to for the last 20 years of your life. Personally, I can't wait for granny grey piggy tails. Karyn

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