Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The Mr shows off his Jedi skills - with the lightsabers he fixed.

The Mr was staying home and cleaning the house. He's good like that.

A regular cinderella while I go off and party.

When I came home he tells me of a great ephiphany he had

MIC  he says

Me: ohhhhhhhkayyyy

Wanna know what M.I.C is?

Thought you might

Made In China  (and an extra C if you want MICC - Made in China Crap)

(no offense to lovely chinese people out there. We had several live with us as homestay students.)

So he's cleaning the house (just after a trip to the Ekka) and came up with this because he was thinking how all the kiddy garbage and some adult garbage was bothersome - trying to find homes for it all, and throw away the broken stuff.

So now we talk about MIC this and MIC that.

Get rid of that MIC. Why is that MIC broken again!?

These thoughts also came after he FIXED the lightsabers twice already.
Electrician he is. Rewireing and gluing stuff back down.
He fixes stuff regularly for us

All because its MIC

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