Monday, August 16, 2010

Off to School

Wah! My baby has headed off to school!

I was never going to send this little one to Kindy. I was happy for her to stay with me till she starts Prep. She was home with just me for 3 years before Miss N arrived. But now she is a big 4 year old. Sometimes children like to regress a little when new babies are around. It's time for her to get a bit more structured learning in - that I can't (been too lazy) to provide. It has all been such a shock as I only made inquiries on Friday. I wasn't expecting her to start 4 days later!

She was up early and excited all morning.

We arrived at school and she ran straight to the playground. (without a second glance back at me!)

I spoke to the teacher then went to hunt her down.

You want me to show you your new classroom?


I better show you where the toilets are


You want mummy to stay or go now?


oh..Ok bye.

So after 5 mins at the school I left without any acknowlegement from her and went to the office to do the paper work.

After that was done I lingered at the door.

I took a big breathe and said to the director

She doesn't need me. This is harder for me than her!

And we laughed

The lady said 'Well better to be this way than the alternative'

And I agree.

I'm glad my girls are so brave.

Shame their mother isn't.

I will say that I didn't cry though. A little brave. And boy is the house nice and quiet at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

okay - commenting on several posts at once: yay for gabby! yay for quiet house! yay for finishing harry potter! yay for reading hunger games - crazy can't put them down in a weird way books. plus final one out in a week, so you won't have to wait! yay for swimming - what pool was that? i need warm indoor pool!! :) Jody

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