Friday, September 10, 2010

Family Week - Big Families and starting your own

Families are Forever

I have something really special. I have a family that will last forever.

My idea of what a family is has changed as I have gotten older. I come from a family of seven children: 5 girls and 2 boys. I never really thought we had a big family until people would say so! I loved having so many siblings. It was just normal. Everywhere I went I had a friend to talk to. I shared a room with more than one sibling for half my life, shared clothes, shared talents, and shared dreams. I don’t remember ever feeling lonely.

Here is my big family in the year 2000.

I loved the idea of having a big family of my own one day. I was sure I wanted to have five or six children. That was until I met my wonderful husband, Josh. He brought with him a little perspective. He was from a family of two children. Two! That was mind boggling to me. Like, who did you play with? Who did you stand around the piano and sing with? Who was in your family band? Who were the students when you played schools? How could you have a game of stuck in the mud? These were my questions, of course stemming from my own experiences. I couldn’t understand how a small family was even possible.

My siblings and I with Josh on our wedding day.

Then I realised, both are wonderful. Plus, I’m the woman! I’d be the one who’d have to give birth to these children and then love and care for them (for the most part). It was an epiphany - There are all different types of families. It didn’t HAVE to have a big family; it just had to be a happy family. And I am thrilled to have a family of my own in whatever shape or size it becomes. As long as it is forever.

Because of the blessing of a temple marriage, Josh and I will be together forever. I am 22 weeks pregnant with our first child, and this wonderful little baby boy that is growing inside of me will be the first of our children who also has the honour of spending forever in our family. I am excited for the new challenges and happy moments that are to come. I don’t know how many siblings will follow him, I just know that we will do EVERYTHING in our power to make sure they are the happiest little people in the world.

With parents this wonderful, how could they not be happy :)

Today's Family Post was by Katrina. She blogs over at Love at its Finest . I knew Katrina would be perfect to tell us about big families, and starting her own. I was lucky enough to know these two from my husband being their YSA ward Bishop. There is just something about being surrounded by young people and young adults in love that made me so happy during that time.


Montserrat said...

Katrina, you nailed it on the head when you said it just needs to be a happy family. Great post!

lissyal said...

And what a great mum you'll be. One of the strongest, wisest, loveliest people I know. My life is blessed as a result of your friendship.

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