Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lovely Librarian? or should I say Lonely Librarian?

Meet your new Librarians

I had my first experience of dread during an interview for a new calling at church.
(which we know that all good LDS should never have ;)

I had a split second waver of "Are you serious?"

I've been a Early Morning Seminary Teacher ,  A bishops wife at 25,  In a Relief Society Presidency (while husband was bishop of another ward) Stake Activities in amongst lower key Ward Missionary, Newsletter Editor, Visiting Teaching coordinator.

But nothing has made me shake in my boots as much as:

Meetinghouse Librarian.

Holy Moly.

Proabably because there are still 5 more months left before Miss N starts Nursery. This calling would be totally fine if my husband wasn't in the bishopric. With other callings like seminary he was able to support me. But since I pretty much only see him on the stand and he is gone (to me) from 6:30am till 3pm ish each sunday, I can't expect too much of him)

So there will also be a mini librarian assistant. One to destroy what I am trying to tame.

As was evidenced of when she open and shut the swing door twenty million times, whacked the photocopier tray up and down, swiped a shelf of its contents, tipped over the bin, cried repeatedly to be let out, Sucked on pens and scissors, opened the draws and tried to get hold of whiteboard markers, glue, stickytape. While looking around at Little Miss Tornado, the previous librarian who was training me said 'I seriously doubt you'll be able to do this'

I wanted to burst into tears.

I also thought that in my 30 years of church attendance I have NEVER seen a ward librarian with young children. Always a first time I suppose?

I'm sure they figured since I often lose my kids, and rarely know where they are when I AM ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR THEM.... that If I am stuck in the library it won't matter. Maybe the kids will now know atleast WHERE I WILL BE. So there's no excuse for them to run off (yer right)

So when you are worried about something what do you do?
You call your mother of course. Who will give it to you straight.

Oh 'this girl' being the Librarian IS EASY. Any simpleton can DO IT. You'll be fine. Though I will say it is a very LONELY calling!! (lol - wonder who I am like??)

So the whining, scared, question asking, why me??, grumbling person was put to rest with that comment.

The question should be what do I need to learn from this?

I've been pondering

I spent one of the most lonliest sundays EVER. Stuck in the library with only the few who pass by with a nod or a wave. This is good for me. Remember this post?
So I need some practice in solitude.

It's been a while since I've used some well defined organisation skills
So organizing the library and paperwork and ordering I will.

My kids like to think they rule the church and can roam anywhere they want
So I can train my kids to turn up to the library and wait for me (lol)

I can provide the ward and new members with ALL the materials they will need for a happy life :)

And lastly, Can I go shopping for a new wardrobe? pretty pretty please?

So I can channel my 'hot librarian look' (rofl)

There's gotta be some positives..right??

*wanders off to find some faux black rimmed glasses*

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Delightful Domestic Science said...

maybe you could borrow 'harry potters' eyeliner glasses?

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