Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Night Tradition

Monday Night is a special night, It's the night we go out all fancy.

Sometimes when you have young kids (esp a whole destroying tribe of them) the niceties get forgotten.

I always wanted to be a person who used the fine china and nice cups regularly.

Then I realise the crystal only comes out at Christmas and birthdays.

I've also never really had a 'set night' for nicer dinners.

I mean I cook great EVERY NIGHT!! (well not everynight, but a fancy dinner could be any night of the week)

But as with most things, They don't stick until the MR decides it.

Does anyone else hate that?
I can suggest ideas, prod , dream up  - changes, holidays, family traditions but
nothing is ever as good as when you are both on the same page!

I love it when The Mr comes up with ideas regarding our family.
IT means they WILL happen.

So Monday night has be newly christened "Fancy Dinner Night'

This means flowers, tablecloth, properly set table, dessert, fancy drink

The girls are in charge of table decorations and dessert. So far they have been doing really well, and are still keen. I am really surprised that they will also eat Meat and vegetable this way (who would have thunk it?)

We go straight from our dinner into Family Home Evening. It's the perfect lead up. Its more adult this way. We have been discussing deeper and they are asking more questions.

We've been doing it a month now and I love it.

I hope it stays for a long time.

As we sat around the table one of the girls reached out and grabbed hands. We all followed. My heart melted when they wanted to hold hands around the table while we prayed and talked about our day.

I ♥ Family Traditions

And hopefully I am going to love the lemon Cheesecake the girls made for us tonight.

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Our little family said...

You have to try the Blueberry cheesecake pie I posted on my food blog. It's so very yummy. Cheesecake, a hint of lemon, buttery graham crackers and blueberries on top! So good! And very easy too. It would go well with your fancy dinner night. :)

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