Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Paint a box

Holidays are Here.
I give you a list of activites we did the wile away our time. Yesterday's Post included :)

We bought a shed and it came in this box.

We have a few ideas for this box.

Trace around our bodies and make cutouts
Make it into an 'aquarium' and fill it with paper animals
Walls for a cubby
Glue stuff over it.

But first of all we paint it. Like Full on Body Painting it.

This was my bath afterwards.  Eewww.....

The reasons for the foam pieces will be in the next post

This was Miss N's first time painting.

After reading this post at The Artful Parent , I realised that we often put our little one to the side during art (because we don't want THAT MUCH A MESS)  So this time I made sure she was included. She loved it if you can't tell. She was a bit wary of the paint to start with, slowly dipping her fingers in. Didn't take too long to turn herself into a work of art.

the reason why kids paints are non toxic

A and G loved that it was so slippery. They spent easily 20 mins 'skating' around on the cardboard. They had a few slips onto their bottoms and laughed their heads off. It's like ice skating they pronouced several times.


Messy? Yes. But worth it.

If you haven't happened to buy a large appliance or the like in a box lately try some stores.
I know bunnings has a wall of boxes you can take from for free.


Anonymous said...

Are your girls wearing plastic bag t-shirts? what an awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

What a great re-use for a large box! Love it! The ice skating sounds like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

We use tennis balls with ours. Makes cool splat painting with dye paints

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