Friday, October 15, 2010

Foody Friday

Some simple go to recipes.

I made this this week due to all the tomatoes I had from a Wholesale Market run. 6 families get together to purchase bulk fruit and veg. Very economical but you sometimes have an abundance of certain things you need to use.

I love this pasta sauce recipe and use whenever I have abundant tomatoes. It isn't very economical to make when tomatoes are expensive, so I save it for when they are cheap and I have too many.

I can't find the original recipe I think it might have been from a food ideas magazine or similar.

Diced tomatoes (around 1kg worth) but more or less is fine
Generous splashes of olive oil
basil or oregano
A dash of sugar (the secret ingredient in pasta sauce)
salt to taste

Basically simmer until breaks down/softens.

Serve over pasta. Add cheese

I love this as it is: vegetarian. My kids will eat it. I love that it tastes light and 'spring' like - very different to jar sauces I usually use in cooking. I've also made it minus onion and garlic, its very versatile, you could also add other vegetables.

And now to share my Friday Night ritual.

I make pizza most friday nights. We've tried everything on it but lately its been plain mozzarella.

I use this pizza dough recipe  Its the best one! I get about 2 thin crust pizza's out of that recipe. I add a little more flour so I can get 3 pizza's. Thats *usually* enough for us :) My trick is that I roll the dough out on the pizza tray and pre cook it (plain without toppings) for about 5-10 mins. When it is looking a little golden I spread tomato paste on and sprinkle Mozzerella cheese over and cook.


When we don't do little athletics we do Friday Night Movie and Pizza Night. Religiously.

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