Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hot under the collar

I married a white collar worker.
You know smooth hands, pale skin , sitting- in- a- chair- all- day- physique, nerd.

Then one day he comes home with a hard hat and steel toe boots.

Ummmm why?

I laugh at them being left at the foot of the bed.

It's like a change - Who stole my nerd?

I was having this conversation at the school pick up line. I chat with a stay at home dad of four who is a retired builder. He said "hey whats wrong with blue collar!! (taking offense teasing me)

I said 'nothing' of course. I'm not making fun.

Blue collar worker coming home to me Boots, vest and hard hat at the end of long days.

Change can be fun. *wink*

(he's still doing the same job, but now is often fitting out new still being built office buildings)

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