Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kerbside Photos

A fellow neighbourhooder saw me taking photos of the girls and asked if I wanted to jump in. How nice!!

Are your children like mine? They just don't like to be photographed together? Well it's not that they dont want. They just can't. They can do separately if they are in the mood.. fine. A nice photo of them all together? Impossible. The older ones spend too much time worrying that the younger ones are looking at the camera that then they are turning away, have distorted faces etc. If only they would just worry about themselves. Then the younger just can't sit still long enough.

It's kerbside collection week here. There is junk everywhere. I saw many a funky couch and wooden chairs I wanted to use for photography props. However you gotta beat the junk collectors. You can put something out and half hour later its gone. My neighbour put out an old wingback chair. I wanted to take photos of the girls on it. But it was gone by the time they came back from school.

So this afternoons non tv activity? Walking the streets and taking photos of ourselves with other peoples kerbside junk. How FUN I hear you say!!! lol. It's been months since I've gotten a photo of all four girls together.

It's also Jacaranda Season here. I *love* jacaranda's. So beautiful. I always want to get a family photo with these in the background. This attempt will have to suffice for now.

Any tips on family portraits????

Maybe I'll put the kids out for kerbside collection ;)

G yelled out when seeing this couch... OOOOOhhhhhh Pink! My favourite colour! (it isn't by the way) but  who can resist a pink velour couch? Not I.


likeschocolate said...

I am a mother of three boys and it is almost next to impossible to get all three to take a good picture. One is always looking the wrong way. I end up taking a hundred pictures before I can get just one. You are not alone.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of taking photos with other people's junk. I think some junk is beautiful, and you all sitting on the old broken sofa is a gorgeous photo!

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