Monday, October 11, 2010

Rain is falling on my head

Two weeks ago I was riding the bike . It was a cloudy rainy day, but it looked like it had cleared up enough for me to ride the bike trailer to pick up grocerys then continue on to pick up A from a birthday party.

I went into the shops fine weather come out and it is pouring rain no end in sight.

So I man up and decided to ride the groceries home and get the car to get A

I got wet. Soaking Wet.

At first I was thinking. Oh man. Why didn't I drive!

Then as I peddaled along in the pouring rain I thought, this is kinda fun.

Soaking wet, riding along, laughing at myself.
{All I needed was the Mr and a 'spiderman in the rain type kiss' whats with movies and kissing in the rain???}

I tried to remember the last time I got stuck in the rain without a car or umbrella.

I couldn't remember.

Years. Maybe 5. Maybe 10. Maybe 15?

I thought to myself enjoy. This doesn't happen often.

Why do we dislike rain so much? Maybe because it rarely rains in Australia.

Last year when it was raining alot my girls were the only ones after school (in the school yard) running in the rain.

Squealing, splashing, running, jumping.

G loves to splash in puddles and had totally destroyed her clothes. They were soaked and loved it.

All other kids were skirting the buildings desperately trying not to get wet. Mothers were telling kids off who were. I was kinda embarrassed. My children are wild. But I thought then it doesn't rain often, so let them enjoy.

So this week as the rain falls and falls and falls. We shall love it. We shall make leaf/bottlecap boats and send them down the gutter and down the drain. We shall dance in the rain. We shall get wet.

What rainy day activities do you do? Suggestions??


Calamity Cookie said...

Three year old likes to make mud pies and jump in the puddles with gum boots, not that he gets to do much of that at the moment - he can't afford a cold. Our road is flooded now so will take the kids down to have a look.

Baby photos will be your way soon:)

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome post Bobbie - I've been grumbling, kids inside again, all holidays it was rainy etc. We should just get wet and enjoy it! Its a little chilly, but certainly nothing that a hot chocolate can't fix!
All it takes is a different perspective!

melissa said...

Hey I stumbled upon your blog. I just wanted to let you know how much I like it. Thanks for the post. I am now a follower here. I will be back for updates

Christie said...

I live in Alaska. It was the rainiest summer we've had. We beat records and it rained for 28 days straight. Because it can often be rainy here I long ago taught my kids to embrace it. We don't let it stop whatever we've planned. Try drawing on the sidewalk with chalk in the rain. It smears like paint and is much more vibrant in rain!

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