Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Climbing up and away yet stay in my heart

From this:

To this:

My baby is growing up. Growing into a climber like her sister. (sigh)

I spend half my day removing her from the kitchen table, off the top of the organ (sometimes standing up!) the outdoor table, Chairs etc.

The other day she yelled out MmmmUuuuuuuMmmmmmmm in that annoying way her sisters do.

I actually thought it was G yelling out to me.

When I found out it was N I think my heart broke a little.

No you aren't allowed to grow up.

No you aren't allowed to call my name out in that annoying way.

Stay sweet baby.

I love you so much.
How much longer am I allowed to nibble on her and kiss her constantly?
She's swept up in my arms a hundred times a day
doesn't she know she sweeps me up in my heart.
It's all a little unfair really.


SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

Oh OH....I feel the same way about Jack - especially since I am assuming he is my last one. I keep telling him not to grow up...but he just won't listen! :) I didn't get this emotional over the other two getting bigger - but this little guy is breaking my heart!

katy said...

You have climbers! Neither of my girls were climbers. I really can't even imagine. A friend left her dining room once only to come back to see her 1 year old standing on the middle of the dining room table.

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