Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Third day of Christmas Tradition

My true love gave to me ~ Advent celebrated as a family.

Advent is celebrated each Sunday for four Sundays leading up to Christmas.

So that means it starts THIS SUNDAY COMING.

Now I'm not Catholic, so don't rib on me if this is incorrect. We kinda do a modified version.

I use my trusty candle ring my dad made (thanks dad!) decorate the ring for Christmas (as seen here ) and have four candles.

Each week you light an extra candle till all four are lit. On Christmas you can light a 5th one in the middle. (Because we are pyro's we sometimes forget and get eager and light all the candles accidentally)

Here are some places with advent ideas and programs to follow if your interested:

Since I don't follow a traditional advent layout we use the time to :

Share a scripture
Share a story
Have some quiet reflection
Gather around the dinner table
Sing a carol
Have a family devotional

I also really like this Homemade Advent in the shape of a spiral. Even though it is a solstice advent I love her idea about using the spiral to 'reflect inwards' at this time of year. Nothing like the end of a year/new year for some internal reflection. Or even as someone in the comments said they would count from in to outwards as this time of year people often 'think of others'

Sometimes we get so busy we might forget Advent on one of the weeks, But that's ok. It's the desire that matters. I really like this tradition in taking time to slow down, enjoy some candle light and discuss the more important matters of the season.

And as my girls would agree..... any activity is better when fire is involved. (controlled of course ;)

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