Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Emotions are for sharing.

I'm grateful my children haven't learned how to hold back their tears when they're sad, laughter when their happy, or screams when they are frightened. They constantly remind me that emotions are for sharing.  ~ Janene Wolsey Baadsgaard

Some of the most common words used by me are:

Turn that down, turn that off, be quiet, ssshhh,
calm down, stop making that noise!!

The Mr and I don't do well with annoying noises.
Which is unfortunate because Kids are pretty much annoying noise (seen despicable me??)
I have no idea how we ended up with noisy kids that can't sit still. (none at all ;)

There is one noise that I hate above all. I call it giggle fighting. K has that noise down pat. It's an annoying hehheh  hehheh hehheh  (breathy annoying giggle yet upset noise) and she can do it for hours while playing with her sister. K and A love to hate each other.  Its the Muuuuuuuuu mmmmm shes annoying me type play. The giggle is the 'shes gettting me/copying me/annoying me' type. She wants to tell me that she has had enough yet really wants her sister to keep doing it at the same time. Gah! It drives me barmy.

However sometimes I try to tell myself if it isn't angry yelling, then I should let it go. Let them play it out, let them laugh, giggle, bang toys, destroy their beds, run (stompingly like) through our echoey wooden house ...

(and let it reverberate around my brain!!) oh help me please.

*runs off to buy some expensive noise reduction headphones :)*

But as the quote says no one knows emotions like children. They can go from manic laughter to tears to fights to hugs to stomping off to crawling into your bed after scary dreams or for just being awake in the dark.

They've taught me I need to share more hugs, more kisses, more laughter, more joyous praise.

And a lot less of the endless directing (which I think they ignore anyway)

Sit and Be. And laugh.

or should that be run around in circles like a crazy chicken, laughing manically and find the joy in life that children do.


Shell in your Pocket said...

It is amazing..kids teach you a lot of things!

sandy toe

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh we are on the same wave length! I totally blogged about the same thing the other day on my personal blog. I just have to remember to hug my girls more often and correct, yell and criticize less often!

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