Monday, November 8, 2010


If there were one American holiday I'd like to follow it would be Thanksgiving. Who doesn't love Turkey, lots of food and hanging out with family and friends? mmmm I can make a good pumpkin pie too.

I came across this article by Janene Wolsey Baadsgaard in an old Lds Living Magazine. Oh how almost everything spoke to me! Yes, Yes and more yes!

So using this article as a base, this week will be a week of posts devoted to being thankful.

Thankful for those little terrorists I call my kids.

I'm grateful my children always need new shoes, piano books, prescriptions, haircuts, fieldtrips, tuition and food. That way I don't have to waste my time thinking about a new sofa. It's difficult to get wealthy and think about luxuries when you have to buy toilet paper and milk by the truckload each week.  ~ Janene Wolsey Baadsgaard

This quote help put into perspective something I have felt for a long time. I want pretty things, we all do. REALLY I DO! But my lack of pretty things shows that deep down it mustn't really be (that much) a priority for me. Or I have a huge guilt complex (possibly). This year I have been attempting to fight my sink into 'denying oneself.'  (As I'm sure if a mother denies herself too much she will surely explode one day). I have done fairly well. Well not really, but have made a effort to be prettier, spend more money on me,  organise my home, Sew nice things etc.

However. When I think about what might this time be teaching me, it is infact teaching me alot. Having a bunch of children at (the worlds definition) a young age brings responsibility. Being a stay at home mum brings frugality. Sometimes I might feel that I am dying from Baby Brain but in actuality I am learning a lot of things.

The needs of children teach us to deny selfishness. To learn to put another before ourselves. The constant whining, the sleepless nights, the questions asked, the demands made hopefully all have a teaching component. The ability to teach and disipline children is infact some of the best learning one can do. You can see your successes and your failings. Before your very eyes.  They are the ultimate Product.

Each day I must ask myself. What is this teaching me?

We must always remember to fill our own cup so we can share to others, so it is important for time out (Oh can someone put me in time out?? please please *raises hand*) and little pleasures and cleansing breaths.  I've already chosen my "word' for next year and I'm already excited about it and excited about the changes I'll be making. Learning to look after me, without 'spoiling' me is a fine line I am trying to walk.

But I am grateful that I don't have to waste my time thinking about a new sofa.

I'm just thinking daily about getting the dry clean guy to come and clean it though!!

It's truly disgusting.

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