Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Day of Christmas Tradition

We have so many traditions we love to follow at Christmas time. However if a few of them aren't done by Novemeber they have to get scratched off the list. I don't like to do that so the last week in November is always a busy one, organising my calendar and making sure we can fit it all in.

This year instead of new crafts (I've fallen off the craft boat with the kids, need to jump back on!) I'll be doing 12 days of Traditions. A few of the traditions that my kids love to do.

I was reminded that you only have to do something twice for youre kids to think it is A MUST. At the beginning of November K suddenly comes running to me to  say:

"Mum you remember the tradition of taking a Gingerbread house to school to share?
Well when are we going to do it?!"

This tradition was born after I spent days making my first gingerbread house. I couldn't even stand to look at it anymore. To eat it would have made me sick! Plus we had sampled alot while making it. I didn't want my kids to eat it all, so I asked the school teacher if K could take it to school to share with everyone. It was a hit and success that last year I made two - one for each girl to take to school. So apparently THIS year IT'S TRADITION!! ~ oh oh.

My true love gave to me ~ A pillowcase for dreaming.

One of the first traditions we do each year is to go fabric shopping. Each child choose their own fabric on a special shopping trip. We go in November to get plenty of mileage out of that fabric.

Then we make them into Christmas Pillowcases so we can have good christmas dreams.

This year the older girls were almost able to make them without any help. They still need guiding on keeping the fabric straight, but they did really well. G sat on my lap and 'helped' while I made hers. There's just something about sewing with little hands on top of yours while you sew that makes my heart melt. (Sure  it's annoying... but heartmeltingly so)

Finished Product waiting for heads.

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