Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fourth Day of Christmas Tradition

my true love gave to me ~ An Advent calendar for counting.

I love Advent calendars.

I'm always so torn though (whats new)

I kinda want a family heirloom home made one (made by me) that we use every year like this or this gorgeous one

But I also like mixing it up every year with different throw away home made paper ones too.

I think I'm going to just Have to HAVE TWO!

I was dreaming a few weeks ago of a babushka/matryoshka doll advent calendar. Just a square shaped one but with 24 material bubushka's sewn onto it with their aprons as the pockets for the lollies. I was going to start apliqueing but thought I would never finish on time. Maybe next year?

This year I decided to go with an envelope style. Cheap and Easy.

there are 25 envelopes. They have little numbers on them, you could decorate however you like.

An Envelope should be big enough for an activity, scripture and 3 lollies. Though to be mean and add suspense I'm not putting lollies in every day :P It is just stuck up with Blu Tak. Lets hope it holds up. I should start a blog about Crafting using paper and blu tak. Cause that's about the extent of my art supplies.

We sat down for a Family Home Evening lesson and I asked the girls what activities they would like to do for their Advent Calendar. Here's what we came up with. I got some ideas from The Artful Parent too. She had some nice easy ones (which is a must as sometimes I have to be sneaky and change the activity in the pocket depending on what I think I can handle the coming day!!!)

Set up Nativity
Watch Christmas Movies
Put up Tree
Make Candy Cane/Cinnamon Playdough
Paint nails with glitter nailpolish
Dance to Christmas music
Sleep under the Tree
Make popcorn/Fruitloop strings for the tree
Decorate Biscuits
Make marshmallow Snowmen
Make Lanterns
Go on Lantern walk at night
Make Cinnamon applesauce ornaments
Go see the Myer windows and City Tree
Go carolling
Make cards
Visit Cousins
Decorate Gingerbread house
Make Cardboard trees and decorate with stickers
See Christmas Lights
Visit the Nativity at the Temple
Decorate our own wrapping paper

I dearly would love to make this Advent Tree one year. Isn't it amazing?!
Or this easy Paper Chain ~ Hidden Activity one
I really like this paper birdy one
This Music Sheet Cardboard roll Advent looks great too.

Lucky Christmas comes every year! Hopefully I'll be able to make a few over the years.

What's your advent calendar like?


Maioha said...

Oh I never knew that the advent calendar actually had a purpose! I've only ever known it as something that Cadbury puts out and there's one chocolate in there for each day (which is pretty pov for a whole family). It FINALLY makes sense as to why people are so interested in them!

Thanks for clarifying :-)

Now I finally also find it interesting.

katy said...

I LOVE the advent calendars that contain messages, plans for the day, etc. My friend puts a Christmas joke in each day for her girls. I think this is a brilliant idea and plan to do it next year. She just googled "Christmas jokes for kids" and copied down the ones she liked on little slips of paper. Great idea, no?

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