Friday, November 5, 2010

Homecoming and Foody Friday.

While Daddy's away.  We shall play.  Shhh dont tell.

We eat cheerios for dinner

and pancakes

and croissants

and hot chips

and sometimes we even watch movies in bed. On weekdays!

Oh the rule breaking.

Today is our last day of freedom! 

Can't wait to see you tonight Mr xx


Now on to Foody Friday.

Over the last week I did make something!

Mango and Watermelon Granita.

It was meant to be sorbet but I couldn't bother with the egg white thing and constant beating, so it turned out a little icy. Granita is like Sorbets poor brother.

I had 5 mangoes that looked a little squishy.  I also had the entire insides of a watermelon that we carved.

Bring a cup of sugar and a cup of water to boil and let simmer. Add some lemon or lime juice. Allow to cool. Place chopped up fruit in freezer to chill.

Mix syrup and fruit together. Blend.

Place in freezer and blend again before it freezes. Freeze again overnight.


Mango was voted favourite. Just so you know.

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