Tuesday, December 21, 2010

11th day of Christmas Tradition

My true love gave to me ~ Grandparents Christmas Dinner

I know I've said this about nearly every tradition but the girls really love this one too. They've been talking about it for weeks. When will it be, what we will eat etc. What time will the grandparents arrive.

They cleaned the bathrooms, set the tables, tidied the back yard all in eagar anticipation.

Of course for me each year has become about the place settings. I do a different one each year. I think I spend more time thinking about that than the rest of it.

I even googled for inspiration this year.  images here I especially loved that green votive and the pinecones )

I was going to use my little fabric Christmas Trees but inspiration hit last week in the form of  the plastic ring from a juice bottle. I thought it was the perfect  size to make little wreaths from.

I just tied scraps of fabric (left over from this project ) all around the ring. Then trimmed with scissors

I think they are adorable. Cheap and Easy too.

The best things of the night:
I think I have officially become the only person in the family that doesn't like Gingerbeer judging by that last photo :)

Daddy making our TV into a random slideshow of photos from the year.

The girls must have sat there for 40 mins saying "Oooohhhh... Remember that....... thats when we...... look at you there.... and laughing. Sometimes I think we live a mega boring mundane life but sitting there looking at all those photos, we have done so much this year. Many things even I had forgotten about. I think this would be a nice tradition to start at either Christmas or New Year. It has us reminiscing and laughing and enjoying what a wonderful year we had.

Grandma gave us a box of random things from her house that she thought we might use. The girls had lots of fun playing with old clip on earrings, pearls, broaches, long sleeved gloves. Funny that what might be the most used present of Christmas was collected from around her house.

The Mr cooks the food. (well that's the best part for me)


Cheese Platter

Rib Eye Fillet

Green Salad with feta
Potato salad
Whole baby beetroot
Warm Bread rolls

Fresh Strawberry and Rasberry Pavlova Roll

Makings for lemon lime and bitters

I think we've been doing this for about 6 years now. It's one of our most treasured traditions.

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Joanna said...

I love that tradition! If we lived anywhere near any of our kids' grandparents I think we'd have to steal the idea!

So I thought you'd like to know something nice about yourself...I had family visit from Brisbane in October (I am originally from NZ, lived in Brissy for a couple of years, married an American and live in the States now) and I thought hmmm I'm going to show my SIL your blog and see if she knows you because she knows EVERYBODY (plus we're all LDS so that increases the odds greatly!) so she looks at your blog and says oh yes I know her! Then she said that she doesn't really 'know' you but she knows who you are because - and here comes the sweet bit about you - she was in your hubby's old book store and saw a note on the wall that you had written to him - something all lovey dovey and she said, "I know that she LOVES her husband"!!! Isn't that so cool, that you would be known for that?! Just thought you'd like to know :)

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