Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Card - Made it JUST IN TIME

 (click on it to see it larger)

I didn't think it would happen.

No Christmas Cards I told myself this year.

Welllllll actually I thought I wanted to do cards this year, but if it ain't done by the beginning of December it isn't going to get done. When am I going to learn this?

I have friends in Japan and England and America who need my love!

So sorry. One year I WILL DO IT.

Unfortunately it won't be this year.

These ones won't even get printed off.

But they will be emailed to the ones we love.

So friends look out for my Christmas message in your inbox in the coming days.

Oh and I cheated again. Copied the same idea as last year.

It works, so why mess with what works?

A photo of us all looking good? Unlikely.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas
and Wonderful New Year xx

I've got lots lined up for next year so don't go far now.

And plenty more Christmas posts the rest of the week.

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