Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blackout Community

Last night after we came home from School celebration night

(aka the night of torture - The teachers are paying us back for having to put up with our kids all year. We must sit through two hours of kids swaying and dancing in lines and singing terribly and listen to long speeches and awards... yawn)

we drive along and see the few blocks around our house were in utter darkness.

OOooooooo BlackOUT  (I groan)

How fun. Girls sent to get their lightsabers out from under the bed - they make great torches!
Candles lit in every room and our house had such atmosphere.

A neighbour came over worried we didn't have candles or lighters and came to share. How nice!

People milled in the streets at 9pm telling us when the electricity company said the lights would come back on. We shared candles and jars with the missionaries who live across the street

I was musing that a lack of electricity created such a community.

It was fun. Kids running the streets, people chatting, people caring and giving. People sitting out on varandahs in the cool breeze for lack of fans and aircons running.

I said to the MR Blackouts are so much fun. I wish the electricity company would schedule a few a year. It really makes a neighbourhood come together. I am NEVER outside at night chatting to my neighbours.

When I told the girls that the best remedy for no electricity was to 'close their eyes and go to bed' creating their own blackout I was met with girls tucked in with wind up torches, and candles in jars in their room.

IT was so cozy.

I love a little drama to remind us of the simple things in life.

It really was one of the best nights I've had in a while.

Playing, chatting, sleeping to candlelight brings out the dreamy side of everyone.

Not to mention it reminded me what more we need in our 72 hour kids/Storm preparedness kits - A wind up torch for each person , more candles, radio, make sure all gas BBQ's are full for cooking on, etc etc.

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The Swann Family said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love blackouts at night too. Day time ones are wasted, but getting around by candlelight is lovely. Great post girlfriend! xoxo

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