Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's all about Perspective

Remember this post from last year. (go there now and come back, go go)

This year (so far) I  haven't felt particularly stressed about this christmas season. 

I suppose being organised really does help.

Having had your kids presents on layby for the last couple of months really helps when you get a $700 car bill (which temps you to yell from the rooves "Christmas is Cancelled!")

Having achieved half of our wanted Christmas Traditions a few here and there each week starting early helps

Not buying gifts for those who aren't my immediate family (sorry to everyone else, I do love you still though)

Just being chill and trying not to rush.

However there's still that little part of me that wants that perfectness (see last years post)

I was feeling this way after looking at our tree decorating photos. Just one year. Just one year I would love some photos that reflect the joy and happiness we felt. I blame warm tempreatures and my little old camera - (Almost none of those photos turned out well enough to be posted on this blog) I would almost hire a professional but that would just be embarrassing to witness our tree decorating :)

This year it involved G grabbing hold of the star before the tree was even put together saying 'I put the star on top.' 'Can I put the star on top now. Can I do the star now' (repeat 50 bajillion times)

Along with N physically 'plucking' the balls off the tree. They actually made a plucking sound and the tree rebounded. She was so happy with her 'fruits' she continually took them over to Daddy with a smile and handed them over. I think she thought she was doing something useful?

Not to mention that I actually MADE the children put clothes on as I knew I would be taking photos.

Then I read Lucky Holly's Post about sipping homemade cinnamon cranberry non alcoholic mulled wine while decorating. Oh sigh. What a sweet idea!

But you know what it really is all about perspective.

My neighbour came over last night and simply gushed about my tree. She said

"Oh I always think my tree is nice until I see someone else's. Our tiny tree is positively sad compared to yours."

Last week chatting with a SAHD that I'm friends with at school he was all like

"Now don't you tell my kids about all those traditions you do. I don't wanna heat them annoying me about what fun stuff you do."  Another parent said 'My kids are lucky if I do stuff with them the week BEFORE Christmas let alone earlier than that. Hope your kids know how lucky they are.'

These people are kind friends of mine. They have taught me.

Once again, for another year I learn that its all about perspective.

I really do have a piece of Perfection.


Felicity said...

It's nice when we actually slow down a bit and realise how {imperfectly} perfect things really are :)

And our tree decorating pictures were clothes-less too this year :)

Delightful Domestic Science said...

I love your tree!!!!!

GORGEOUS as always!


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