Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Me belaying the Mr. Oh he is brave! I wouldn't trust me.

Let go of the bar.

Easy yes? Except when your dangling 8 metres up in the air.

I obviously need to work on my trust issues because I could not let go of that bar.

Even when The Mr was my belayer. I knew he would hold me tight up there and not let me fall.

But it was still too hard to let go!

I wish I had photos. I feel like such a dork at gatherings when I am the only person with my camera out trying to get pics. Doesn't anyone else want embarrassing footage of themselves indoor rockclimbing?

Am I the only one wanting photos of myself rockin' it in those 'squeaky voice inducing harnesses'?

Obviously. (I have the pics to prove)

I can do hard things.

It been easily 15 years since I've rockclimbed.
I remember jelly legs and lots of nerves.

I was kinda excited when The Mr's work party involved indoor rockclimbing.

I wanted to have a go, but I didn't. No one wants to embarrass themselves infront of everyone their husband works with right? Cue taxi running over an hour late and I didn't think I would get to climb anyway. But I did. And it was so much fun.

Ok so I started on the 'kids' level climb.

But thats ok. Because I rocked it and I'm excited to climb some more.

How I would love to be a strong climbin' woman.


What's next on my list of extreme sports to accomplish.... lol....not really.

Kiddy level indoor rockclimbing is about as extreme as I get.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
you are only very casually holding on to that rope! I'm glad Ken trusts you, 'cos you look a bit distracted!
Congratulations on making it to the top! I can't do that, not that I'm scared of heights, just scared of the floor being so far away from me!

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