Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seventh Day of Christmas Tradition

my true love gave to me ~ Nativity's nativity's everywhere

So I've made up a new tradition this year. Obviously it only takes two times to become a tradition around here so we'll see if its around next year.

We 'usually' put up our tree on the first Monday night in December. That's fine and dandy 'usually', but it makes me crazy when the first Monday is like the 6th or 7th of December. Like I'm losing too much time. Twice I've twisted the Mr's arm to set it up on the last Monday in November. But he is pretty staunch on it being the first Monday (which is what we had growing up) When I checked the calendar for this year a month ago I groaned. The 6th of december!! arrrggg.

But strangely this year I've come to peace with it. I was actually fine with it. I'm not even ready yet really! I think its nice to know (and look forward) to things on certain dates. I've become a supporter! Fancy that!

Funnily enough The Mr had a chat with a friend who said they use Thanksgiving (even though they are Australian and don't really celebrate it) as when the tree goes up. Just the tree to start the season, then add other decorations after. This person almost got him to change his mind!! whhhaaatt???

Just as he says maybe he'll reevalue his stance I flip sides and say NO! First monday in December is FINE!! It must stay that way.

So after all this discussion :) a few weeks ago I decided that:

December 1st should be the day we put up our Nativity sets. (We have four)

Before any other decorations. To remind us of the real reason.

The activity yesterday in our advent calendar was 'set up Nativity'.
The girls were really excited to do it when they got home from school. I was kinda surprised.

Now starts my seasonal OCD. (the only type I suffer from unfortunately)

I can't stand to walk passed a messed up Nativity. I have to find all the pieces that have 'wandered' away. Take them back from the doll house, break up their circles of togetherness, take signs off their heads. Before I go to bed each night, they have to be in their correct places.

Then the 'rearranging' by the kids starts again the next day.

But that's ok. It warms my heart to hear little girls chattering away

Wheres my sheep?

Baby Jesus needs to go here
Hello, how are you today
Let's go for a walk
Wheres my pet shepherd?
Tonight I heard them calling the wise men by the names from a book we have. Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar! Too cute that they actually know their names. Melchior! Melchior! Where are you? The also had the fisher price ones balancing on each others heads. Not Just Wise Men - acrobats too.

I love that Nativity's are probably their favourite christmas decoration.

And we've only broken a few over the years.... blu tac sticks everyone back together.

Even baby jesus arm.

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Just ME said...

I finally bought a nativity last year after years of wanting one and not being able to find one I liked.... and before the christmas season was over we were missin baby Jesus. No amount of searching recovered him so this year, we have our nativity on the table minus the most important member :( Pathetic, really.

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