Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'll be the one in White

Excuse the grainy night time photo plus it was pretty hot and sweaty. Miss N was sick in bed so she missed out.

The Mr thinks of the best Family Home Evening Lessons.

Many of the lessons found over at my Family Home Evening Blog were thought up by him.

I should give him more credit over there I suppose.

As we have a baptism coming up for A,  last night he quickly told everyone to don their white clothes.

Each girl had out their blessing dress, we have one baptism dress, one flower girl dress, I wore my wedding dress he wore his temple clothes. So much fun. I'm glad that we don't have a family heirloom dress and that each girl has their own. I would love to have a wedding photo like these here.

all our blessing dresses - well I only have a part of mine  (but its in better condition that the girls ones!)

We had the poem My Three White Dresses up on the big screen to read from

A fun photo shoot ensued.

Girls tried on my wedding dress.

Wandered around with the veil on. Ooohhh and Ahhhing at themselves. Primping and Posing

Best fun they've had in a little while I think.

To dream of the future and see themselves grown. To glimpse into that far off time.

I hope they get the dream life I have.

We all know its not the wedding day itself. But how one lives the rest of the time after the important day.

 Hopefully a worthy goal that will set the scene for a blissful life.

Go here for some joyous wedding prose. It touched my heart deeply. I now want to read that book.

* I may or may not have had to breathe in to fit my wedding dress. But hey I was just happy that I could still zip it up after 12 years. Regardless of whether it was TIGHT or not....


Calamity Cookie said...

Your photo header is kinda ironic at this time! I've been thinking of you today, hope you guys are all safe and aren't too affected by the flooding. My kids are playing: It's flooding, we have to evacuate!

Shinobu said...

This is such a nice FHE! I SO want to have daughters now so I can do it!

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