Friday, January 14, 2011

More Flood Talk

More Flood Talk

Definatetly Flood talk here. News 24/7 coming from this little cafe. Pretty amazing really.
See the 3-4 different spots for each channel's news readers?
I was surprised they could be talking so well from such small spaces with lots of people staring at them.

My suburb was on a flood list of suburbs that were going to flood.

I've never had so many phone calls in one day.

It feels so nice to be so loved!

The emails/facebook messages from overseas friends are heartwarming. So nice to know the global village cares about us.

Little us down the bottom of the globe.

I even got a message from a friends aunt (whom I met once years ago) who lives in America.

That was just the sweetest thing.

We hunkered down. We watched the news for days straight. We started living on our food storage (more to see if we could do it than anything really). We didn't go out.

Except for a brief walk to see the river from the cliffs. Even then I felt so guilty. Talk about Rubbernecking.

I was rocking the powdered milk (got making that down pat now) I wanted to bake bread but I often have negligable results so have made pizza's for four days straight ( and no one is sick of them yet) I was dreaming about what would constitute good food storage (I'm thinking Milo is the most perfect food storage item. It comes in it's own storage container, you can use it to jazz up powdered milk, if all else fails and you run out of food you can eat it straight from the can, isnt it 'meant to be full of iron and minerals'?) I was lamenting that a goal of mine for this year (another one!) was to learn how to bake wholewheat ground bread. How useful is that NOW? I seriously just asked a friend last week, who makes good bread from scratch (grinding the grain and all) to teach me sometime this year!!

If our electricity was to go out we were getting the firewood ready to have the fireplace going for light.

Yep we were living like it was the end of the world (which it is like for some)

That night The Mr came home from (yet another) meeting and said 'so if you happen to see photographic evidence I may or may not have eaten KFC tonight...'

I was like KFC? KFC IS OPEN???

That's it. No Food storage food tomorrow night. You're buying me KFC!
(PS I never got the KFC)

So on about the fourth day I decided to ride the bike to a local shop. I was shocked and surprised to see all the cafes full of beautiful people laughing and chatting and eating lots of food. The grocery store was full of food ( I promptly bought some softdrink and twix pods and grain waves!!) plus milk and bread.

There was a whole 'nother' world out there. Ha ha ha.

Well hey I was trying to abide by the info 'don't travel unless absolutely necessary' we were told.

I'm a good girl like that.

I've never found 'doing nothing' so exhausting.

I've been so tired. Tired from staying indoors and watching tv all day. Cartoons for the kids. News. Harry Potter a Thon for Miss A. Tired from cabin fever with these kids. Tired from the stress of it all (and nothing bad has even happened to me. I really feel for those whose lives have been greatly impacted)

Today the Mr will be at the church for about 17 hours. He is tired from co ordinating.

He has been gone every day and night till about 10pm.

Tired from constantly talking on the phone, organizing and charting everything on a whiteboard.

We aren't even doing the 'hard labour' yet it is tiring.

I can't even imagine how hard it is going to be to get everything done.

Kudos to all those that are out there doing the manual labour.

I think the whole of Queensland is going to be 'tired' in the coming weeks.

This whole tragedy is such a great teaching moment.

I hope we learn.


likeschocolate said...

Do you guys have a small frig or were you just out of meat when the floods hit. We have been stuck in side for 5 days now and thankfully, I had a slew of canned goods to go with the meat in the freezer. I am glad that you are safe and that your home was not damaged. So sad for all the other families. Is flooding common in your part of Australia. Usually, we just hear about your wild fires. Hope things get better soon so that you and your girls can go out and enjoy your summer.

Calamity Cookie said...

Glad you guys are all right and it's nice to hear someone was following the advice of officials:)

Your food store was full! Ours were pretty much empty! I remembered what Brother Swain said years ago about the shops sold out of water after the 74 floods and water was the only thing we really needed for food storage so I sent J to buy some and he had to go to different stores to get water and even then he only managed to come home with one slab of individual bottles. There was no bread, potatoes, water, milk and hardly any toilet paper and minimal fruit and veg. How insane is that! Needless to say, we've learnt a major lesson and will have more water on hand from now on.

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