Thursday, January 13, 2011


Floods . Heartbreaking Terrible Floods.

I watch too much of the news coverage. Often it makes the fear worse. I keep telling myself to not watch so much of the news. It's the same stuff on constant repeat. We don't watch news usually (I'm a firm believer of the news media not being a very good thing for daily consumption) but in a tradegy it's so hard to turn away. In an effort to want updates, to have knowledge the tv has been on for days.

We are lucky. Very lucky. We live very close to the river yet there hasn't been a drop of water on our street/s. Not even a puddle. Nothing in our daily life has had to change much yet. We luckily didn't lose power either.

So far the biggest impact on our life is having to stay indoors with the kids. Trying to stick to the plea from government to stay home and out of harms way and out of the way of rescuers.

It's been terrible devastation for many families. We hope in the coming weeks we will be able to help someone.
To Assist in the cleanup.

I've felt so blessed to feel so calm.

We checked weeks ago  and knew our house was not in a flood zone. We were calm and assured that we would be fine days before anything even happened. Three days before I went to the shop to buy some water, oats, powdered milk, flour.  We've been able to avoid panic buying and just be at home with our little family. We had our evacuation suitcases packed. Our 72 hour kits and hygiene kits out. We've been eating our food storage. (Brown Sugar Pizza been a speciality around here)

When ye are prepared ye have no reason to fear.

(though it won't last long, so hopefully food will be able to get through in the coming weeks or we will be in trouble. Atleast the meager food storage we have will all be eaten and we will be able to start afresh :)

I've felt calm and secure and I knew we would be ok. It's hard to describe because in the midst of this terrible tragedy I've felt guilty that I felt so calm and at peace. I started to judge myself as uncaring, emotionless and that it was rude to feel so good when others feel so bad.

But I'm learning to be grateful for the Spirit and the calming influence we can receive in our lives.

Of course its easy to feel this way when you are in no immediate danger.

I do  believe it was luck that we were spared. I'm no better a person to be spared than any of my friends whose houses have been flooded ~ but in our sparing it can pave the way for us to help others: either monetarily, by sharing our resources, by hard work. My husband has been able to be out each day and late each night at meetings working on ways to help others.

It's a big job ahead of our city. Weeks and even months or years in recovery.

I hope that we can all have the blessed sweet assurance that we will be fine. We will recover.

Even if it takes time.


BindiM said...

Glad all is OK with you. When you have time I would love you to write out a list of what worked and what didn't with your food storage and 72 hour kits. Given we have to start ours anew each time we move I am already starting to plan for what we need to get when we return. Your advice would be terrific! xo

Felicity said...

I was thinking about you earlier this week hoping that you guys weren't in the midst of it all!! We were there just last week and some of our family members homes where we stayed are now under water. So tragic. But they are safe and that's what matters most. So so heartbreaking for those that can't say the same!!

Thank goodness for food storage and 72hour kits huh!!


Jalula said...

I'm so glad to hear you are safe and dry. I've been worried about all my friends in Brissy, especially those close to the river like you are!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you are your family, so glad you are on the cliff and out of harm's way xxx Love Carli.

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