Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mothering and School Books

I'm free from consumer guilt, mother guilt, whatever reason it is that forces us to cover our kids school books

I'm a bad mother.

On my facebook I've had a bunch of different friends lamenting about having to cover their children's school books for the coming school year. The comments were about what to use what not to use, where is the cheapest contact etc, whether they enjoyed it or not etc etc.

I thought it hasn't even entered my head. I'm terrible aren't I?

Then I gave my advice.

Two years ago I freed myself.

I can't remember why... but I probably didn't have the money to afford covering stuff, or I didn't have the time (having a little baby) or I just didn't want to do my head in covering 50 books, but whatever the reason I didn't cover those books.

We used a nikko pen to write their names on everything and that was it!

Freeing I tell you.

And you know what? Those books came back perfectly fine.

These days the teachers keep the books on shelves away from the kids - to be handed out when needed.

Most of their school work is worksheets glued into those big scrapbooks. At the end of the year there were only one or two books I wanted to keep for memories and prosterity sakes (usually story writing or good copy book or journal book)


I've kinda felt guilty these first two years - Good mothers cover their kids book no?

But this year I've freed myself from the guilt.

Why did I buy into this cultural expectation anyway? (Or consumer guilt from shops)

Why did I think it made me a better/good mother if I did it. Why was it another thing I just HAD TO DO? What does covering books have to do with my abilities?

I've saved money, time and frustration. And the books are fine without it.

So if this type of thing gets your blood pressure rising - don't do it.

Release yourself.

I did and I feel great.

I suppose this could be one of my ways to have a little more 'Simplicity' in my life.

If and when the girls care about what their books look like - They can cover them themselves.

Oddly enough I used to cover my own books and my siblings books when I was over 12 or so.

I enjoyed it back then!!


Wilson Family said...

What does it mean to cover books? We don't do that here! I miss you Bobbie- when are you coming to see me?

Joanna said...

I don't cover my kids' books either! Of course it helps that here in the States they don't really have books like they do back home. I remember having a book for each subject and I don't think my mother covered them either if that makes you feel any better?! Here they just do everything on photocopied worksheets, it comes home in their folder, I look at it to make them think that it's fascinating, then when they walk away it goes straight in the trash. Aren't I a good Mum?! lol!

lissyal said...

Thanks for lighting a big lightbulb off in my head. Consider this your blog that enlightened Alicia from covering school books

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