Saturday, January 1, 2011

Simplicity is the Word.

Last year I changed my mind on resolutions and ended up doing  the one word thing.

I kinda enjoyed it so I think I'll continue in that vein.

As I was listening to this talk ~  I knew immediately that it would be my new word for the year.
(Go read it. seriously. Who doens't love Elder Uchtdorf. Every single one of his talks are amazing.)

As soon as he said

Simplicity is the Ultimate sophistication

I knew it was my word.

It made me really excited actually. I am looking forward to simplifying things. Oh this word could mean so much.

It could mean to really let go and just be.

Or it could mean Get back to the basics. Simplify the house.  Peel of my layers and find the 'real me'.  Go back to older, simpler pursuits (and get off the computer). Read my scriptures as opposed to everything else. Forget keeping up with the 'Jones's. Eat more simply. Get straight to the point more often and less fluffing around. Take time to smell the roses. And the list goes on and on.

I have one example of this that came to my mind.

While The Mr was a YSA bishop we spent much time socialising with YSA, having several over each week for dinner and at our house.

Three years later we were thrust back to the family ward and realised we had no friends. We had spent so much time with the YSA our available time to nurture relationships with other people was diminished.

I like to have people over. I like to feed people. It was sooo easy to feed YSA. Add one young adult to dinner? No problem. Just divide up whatever I was making anyway.

I was lamenting to my mother that I wanted to have people/families over but I just couldn't afford to feed them. I could afford to have people over once a month  or maybe or every 2 weeks.

She smartly said "The people aren't there for you to feed them - they are there because they are happy that someone has invited them over. Your friendship is more important."

So that year I started inviting people over weekly with the anouncement of:  I am just making spaghetti/fried rice/ baked potatoes/soup/ insert simple meal here  ~  would you like to come over?

Basic. Nothing fancy. Smaller portions for all.

This has shown me that living simply sometimes ALLOWS you to do more.

When we are busy we can sometimes achieve less.
I had people over monthly but by living simply I could have people over weekly.

Last year I had the year off. A baby I said. 2 little ones at home. A year to sit and be.

This year I want to continue on with that theme but achieve a little more.

to be  Simply Abundant.

Join me on my journey?

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Little Japan Mama said...

I really like this one! A very important message for me :)

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