Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Belly Busting Summer

Summer has (finally) briefly shown itself.

Not that I minded previously.

I don't live in a currently flooded area (I feel so sad for those who are) so I was happy with the rain falling, staying home doing nothing, being able to bake without sweating to death, reading books and actually sleeping with a doona on in the middle of SUMMER! crazy! I very much enjoyed the cooler wet weather.

But on the Mr's last day of holidays we got wet.

Filling all the left over balloons from our New Years Party.

We had a water bomb fight with lots of giggles and nervous "dont get me's"

The best game of all?

Belly Busting.

Putting a balloon between themselves and Daddy and then Pushing until that things pops.

Everyone had to have a go.

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