Monday, February 14, 2011


SO I'm not very good at blogging about holiday stuff in advance.

I've seen several valentines ideas I've wanted to do especially this one but have not got around to them (ahh birthdays and wedding anniversaries getting in the way)

We did however do this one. Except me telling you know is kinda moot.
These babies take 24 hours to 'dry out' ... however there is always next year right?

So as conversation hearts can be kinda hard to come by here we made our own!
Minus the conversation part. We were going to write words on them with food colouring but just didn't get around to it!

I found the recipe here at Make Monthly.

It's basically water, icing sugar, geletin, corn syrup
(I googled and found that golden syrup or honey can be used as a substitute as corn syrup is hard to find here - I've had my bottle for months.. I never use it :)

It was kinda fun and the little kids kept thinking we were making playdough.

So we made enough for the girls to take to school and share out with all those they love.
(ie the whole class)

The girls have put in an order for lasagne, heart shaped bread and heart meringues for fancy dinner night tonight xx

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