Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baptism Day

What I have learnt today:

Most 'white' baked foods actually are yellow.

When hosting a baptism/party/special function arrange for someone other than YOURSELF or your family to do the clean up/food service. This means you will actually BE ABLE to talk to people.

Don't provide a totally 'sweets/dessert' table. It will make you long for savoury food. Thanks to my aunty who bought the egg and lettuce sandwiches that were gobbled up.

Have a designated photographer other than yourself. I missed mine very much! And now have no good photos (pretty please can I have a new camera :) and no photos of 90% of the people that came. No extended family photo, no cousin photo and no friends photo.

Put your one year old in the nursery/toy room with a babysitter to prevent yourself from missing/not being able to hear almost the entire service.

Check your husbands bag. 99% of the time he can be trusted to pack his own things, but this one time he may forget a second white shirt and have to continue to wear the wet one for the rest of the day.

*Notes taken by yours truly for future reference.*

However, these are entirely adult preoccupations and don't really matter.

The birthday girl in question had:

the best birthday ever yesterday.
was so happy to share her baptism day with her bestie school and neighbourhood friends
so trusting her dad being the one to baptise her well
loving her new scriptures and journal
happy to eat sweets no matter how they look
had tears in her eyes when her grandma presented her with her special homemade baptism dress

Now I will leave you with photo goodness of her special day instead.

It was a blessed day. And we are so blessed to have you in our family xx


Felicity said...

Oh your sweets table looks divine! gorgeous decorating (she says as she bookmarks this page for future reference :) And you don't need a good camera to get beautiful pictures and to capture the memories of the day!! Lovely photos of miss A and all of you!!

INVITEDbyRUKxo said...

What a special occasion for you all. She looks gorgeous in her special dress made and I bet she will always remember the day because of the handiwork of you and grandma. That table looks so beautiful, and you can bet we'll be stealing ideas ;) Xo

Delightful Domestic Science said...

What a very special day!

That table setting is lovely B.

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