Thursday, February 3, 2011


Just an old picture that makes me laugh

Tonight after dinner the girls + neighbour asked if they could be servants and scrub the floor.

Whhaaaat? sure thing.

So on hands and knees with white socks on they scrubbed.

After 5 mins
Ohhhh my hands and ankles are ACHING!

After I gave them a bit of advice
Well what do you expect? We're only SERVANTS!

This is so much fun we should do it EVERY DAY! (oh yes please)

Maybe one day on our holidays when we have a day off we should spend the WHOLE DAY CLEANING.

Can you pay us for our work? (ummm no)  Come on just 5 cents! ( I paid up)

Stop working mum. We're the servants.

They seriously scrubbed my loungeroom and hall and wiped down the walls.

Now why aren't they this eager when I ask them usually?

When its THEIR idea everything goes so much more smoothly..

hmmmm now how to plant these ideas.... subliminal messages during their sleep?

1 comment:

BindiM said...

If only I lived close enough to sneak over and tell them I need some servants...and that I will pay double what they are currently getting. Hey, maybe even triple!

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