Monday, March 7, 2011

Disco Fever

I feel like I should put a disclaimer on my crafty stuff. It's not pretty. And if it does look good its because its a closeup photo not showing the details :) I don't own scrapbooking supplies - no fancy scissors, double sided tape, paper, punches etc, I don't own a colour printer, I don't own embellishments or anything that will make things attractive. Sometimes I feel I should start a blog about crap I've made using blu tak and print paper. Yet things usually work out ok. phew.

Her presents weren't even wrapped (sans sticky tape) and she was ok with this as it meant she knew what her presents were as soon as she woke up :) What a sweetie! But this also meant I had to fashion a microphone shaped pinata without tape!!! yikes.

This year she opted for a disco/movie night/sleepover with some friends.

I tried to make the disco theme - the theme.

Here are a few (very) simple ideas to have a 10 year old Disco Party.

Disco Ball (cost $25) the  girls were very impressed with this!

Our Disco ball cake (well on the top looking down it did.. kinda...)

Sparklers and glowsticks a must

A microphone pinata (yeah dont laugh.... no tape remember?) I had totally forgot we usually do pinata's till 2 days before the party I'm shopping with Miss G and she's in the lolly isle at the store grabbing bags of lollies saying " We need this. For K. For her yata.." at first I am all like.. 'what is she talking about... put those lollies back!!! Then it dawned on me.. I have two days to make a pinata...

Having a sing...

Busting it open (little sister was the 'servant' for the party - why is is wearing an apron)

This party worked so well, I'm going to go with similar next year. Except I'll make it NOT a sleepover and invite all the girls from the class from 6-9pm. There is one girl in the class whom is very annoying whom my daughter doesn't enjoy her company who cried and cried that she wasn't invited and begged me to let her come. I would like to be able to include everyone next time as it seems if you invite 5 girls they tell the whole class and brag about it and it creates some hurt feelings.

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BindiM said...

That is great! Love the disco ball cake.

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