Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Table Tent

As soon as I saw this playhouse over at The Artful Parent I wanted one. Hers is so cute.

Then I read an old better homes and gardens and there was another one!

Last week I cleaned out my linen cupboard. You've never seen it so straight!

And I decided to part with several old sheets, doona covers and towels.

Then I thought, I wonder if the doona cover is the size of my table. And lookie there - it was.

I had the base of my kitchen table cubby/tent. YAY!

Once again a preface about crap I make. I didn't measure anything, I used like 4 pins (why it isn't straight) I didn't hem it (so I'm sure it will fray) it was all guess work (and you can tell compared to the linked one up the top there) BUT... it worked, is functional and the kids love it, and it COST ME NOTHING! Always a prerequisite for things I do!

I laid out the cover and sliced it through  the middle (only through one layer! you need the other layer to be the roof/top). The sliced top layer then became the 'front and back' of the tent.


 Then I cut up the sides to make the 'corners' that I could sew together.

I cut out a 'window' shape and zig zagged it onto the sides. When secure I then cut the holes out for the window.

For the front door I sewed on a door shape then cut up both sides of the door leaving the top still attached. We can flick the door up on the table or roll it up and close with ribbon.

And there you have an awesome under the table cubby house.

They have already slept the night in it.


Kylz said...

i saw the ones in the better homes and garden book @ my cousins and fell in love with them! I'm going to make 2 very soon!
Glad your kids love them!

INVITEDbyRUKxo said...

My kids would love this... I love it :) A friend is currently working on a 'candy shop' one for her daughters birthday in Oct so be sure to check our photos then :)

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