Monday, March 21, 2011


Between family functions, church functions, friend functions and our children's social life (one child seems to have a birthday party to attend every second week) we rarely have a saturday to ourselves. When we do, we check and recheck our calendar to make sure we haven't forgotten something (which we have on occasion)

We had nothing on on Saturday but it was grey and rainy all day. The MR wouldn't let that stop us from making plans.

So what to do in the wet?

Visit the Wetlands of course.

The kids kept saying that 'wetlands in the wet is much better'

We play in the rain often, and my children love to run around the backyard during a pour but are usually back inside within a few minutes. I think this was one of the rare times that we 'expected' them to be out in the rain for a couple of hours. They loved it.

Hoods, Raincoats, Gumboots were dragged out. My baby made me tear up because she did not want to be carried in the sling. After 5 mins she was out and running the 1.5km track. She was wearing her sisters clothes. She was no longer a baby. That child is one going on five I always say.

Then lunch, a play in the park and walk along the beach = Dirty, muddy, wet children.

A change of clothes, a warm car ride home wrapped in towels and blankets and a bath awaiting at the end.


A friend at church said 'from reading your facebook status's over the weekend our family has deemed you the funnest mum ever' To which I replied 'only sometimes'

I'd go with I'm cool 20-30% of the time. The other 70% I'm just a mean, old, regular, neglectful mum.

Hopefully the kids remember the 30%.


Christie said...

I always pray for the same thing when I think of my children later in life. And my guess for you is that they will remember! :)

Unknown said...

by Lunch you mean, cheese & crackers, salami and grapes. With a box if juice each. That was nice. Oh and the gerkins, why do our kids like gerkins..

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