Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Week - Soft Pretzels

About 4 years ago we made pretzels for the first time, for Easter.

Under the guise that pretzels are in the shape  arms folded in prayer (it's true)

They were yum and I thought I should make these more often.

But I haven't

Every year Easter rolls around and we make pretzels for the first time since the year before.

So it seems it has become and Easter tradition.

A very yummy one.

I've used several recipes over the years, but used this one from All Recipes this time.

However much the girls love to make them, yesterdays event was marred by lots of crying.

Someone took offence that someone else said their pretzels looked a bit like Dog Poop. Or a worm. Or worst of all a 'willy'. Oh dear. Lots of crying and fighting. But it was all over when the time came to eat them.

Even if they do look a little like poop (or body parts) they still taste good :)


lissyal said...

bahahahahahah a poop or willy. man i'm still laughing. like really laughing hard. your girls are awesome. spencer just saw the pictures and asked me what they were, i think we'll be making these tomorrow, or over easter sometime xo

likeschocolate said...

We have lots of those tears here in our home too.

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